Magnetic Resonator Piano

painoMagnetic Resonator Piano is a sound art piece by Andrew McPherson. Andrew McPherson is lecturer in Digital Media in the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. His research aims to quantify aspects of creative musical expression, particularly the interaction between performer and instrument. Continue reading

The truth or: how to teach the piano Chinese


57-PET~1When visiting The Powerhouse of Art museum in Shanghai China, I was fortunate enough to see a very insightful sound-art installation by the composer Peter Ablinger, and Winfired Ritsch. The piece, entitled: The Truth or: How to teach the Piano Chinese, incorporated a computer controlled piano and screened text. Continue reading

Aural Observations 2: drain pipe harmonics

bankThere is an old iron drain pipe on a building on the high street in Aberystwyth. Whenever there has been any substantial rain fall, (which is quite often in Aber) and the ferocity of the rain has ceased, or at least eased, the powers of gravity takes over and the remaining water in the guttering proceeds to drip down the drainpipe towards the ground. Continue reading