Animation Collaboration#2

animation stillLast November I made a post about a recent collaboration I had undertaken with the animator Frederico Penteado at the Three Legged Bird studio in China. Unfortunately both myself and Frederico have been busy with other projects over the past 8 months to create anything final from the stills and footage we obtained, however please follow the link below to visit Frederico’s blog for a short test animation from the collaboration.

We still intend to produce a longer animation from the stills and footage we obtained last year so please check back regularly for further updates.

We are also undertaking a further collaboration in the coming weeks to extend some of the themes from the first sessions. Updates will be posted as and when.

A few of my favourite things #6: Beer Tide Marks


Few things match the sense of loss and grief one feels when glancing down towards their pint glass only to observe the dwindling reserves of their favourite tipple. The remaining void left in the absence of your favoured drop, however painful to endure, offers equal reward and fulfilment in the form of the farewell the beer waves as it makes its swift retreat down the side of the glass. The transitory beauty of the enduring tide marks that adorn the inside of the glass, offer a subtle nod towards the fulfilment of that first refreshing taste, whilst acting as a totem to the reward, experience and achievement.

Enjoying a pint in this spirit ensures my glass always remains half full…


profound wisdom / insight of the day #6


“Chance Operations are not mysterious sources of ‘the right answers’. They are a means of locating a single one among a multiplicity of answers, and, at the same time, of freeing the ego from its taste and memory, its concern for profit and power, of silencing the ego so that the rest of the world has a chance to enter into the ego’s own experience whether that be outside or inside”.

John Cage, Preface to ‘Lecture on the Weather’ 1975