a few of my favourite things #3 : Books


Books!… I love books.

There a few things in life I love more than books. The texture of the paper as you turn the pages. The ink embossed lines of text beneath your fingertips. The musk that engulfs your senses when opening the pages of an old second-hand Hemmingway. Continue reading

a few of my favourite things #2 : Frosty footprints


One of my favourite things about this time of year are footprints in the frost. After snow fall or a heavy frost one of my favourite pleasures is taking a walk over a field or the lawn. The dense sound of the frosted grass crunching under foot, and the texture of the deep crisp carpet compressing under each step is a feast for all the senses. Continue reading

a few of my favourite things : milk into coffee



Coffee is an important factor in my life, and few things compare to that fulfilling, rejuvenating pick-up that a fresh coffee brings when tirelessly reading.

Having poured milk into a fresh, steaming Americano – one of my favourite pleasures in life is the moment the milk erupts from the dark recesses of the cup, rippling and marbling the black, liquorice, velvet coffee as it rises.

We have to take our pleasures where we can in this life…. or perhaps I should just get out more!