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John Cage

John Cage

A major part of my research revolves around the concept of ‘equivalents’, particulaly between the visual and the audible (eg. white paper and white noise) – imaging the visual of the audible, and the audible of the visual. Continue reading

Live Art: dialogues

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As part of my PhD research, I undertook the first of a number of collaborative projects, On this occasion exploring ‘dialogues’ between the audible and visual arts. ‘Live Art – dialogues’, existed through the discourse of Improvisation where the participants could draw on their instincts and intuitions to respond to the others activities. Using the determinations of action, and consideration, to govern the collaboration, both participants were able to invent and test concepts, methods and devices and trial different modes of practice through improvisation.

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Live Art – dialogues was the first of a number of collaborative experimental platforms investigating Improvisation and other creative processes, many of which will be open to the public to view and participate. Future projects will be updated to the blog with times and dates when applicable.