A few of my favourite things #6: Beer Tide Marks


Few things match the sense of loss and grief one feels when glancing down towards their pint glass only to observe the dwindling reserves of their favourite tipple. The remaining void left in the absence of your favoured drop, however painful to endure, offers equal reward and fulfilment in the form of the farewell the beer waves as it makes its swift retreat down the side of the glass. The transitory beauty of the enduring tide marks that adorn the inside of the glass, offer a subtle nod towards the fulfilment of that first refreshing taste, whilst acting as a totem to the reward, experience and achievement.

Enjoying a pint in this spirit ensures my glass always remains half full…


a few of my favourite things #5 : A purposeless walk

One of my favourite things is a purposeless walk. A walk without an agenda, direction or a schedule can often provide some of the most rewarding and productive elements to my day. A recent article I read entitled ‘The slow death of purposeless walking‘ examines how Continue reading

a few of my favourite things #4 : ‘wabi-sabi’


Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Buddhist philosophy and principle of Japanese aesthetics centred around the ‘perfection’ in im-perfection and transience. The principle can be described as judging beauty in the ‘imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’. Characteristics of Wabi-Sabi can include; asymmetry, texture and tone, Continue reading

a few of my favourite things #2 : Frosty footprints


One of my favourite things about this time of year are footprints in the frost. After snow fall or a heavy frost one of my favourite pleasures is taking a walk over a field or the lawn. The dense sound of the frosted grass crunching under foot, and the texture of the deep crisp carpet compressing under each step is a feast for all the senses. Continue reading

a few of my favourite things : milk into coffee



Coffee is an important factor in my life, and few things compare to that fulfilling, rejuvenating pick-up that a fresh coffee brings when tirelessly reading.

Having poured milk into a fresh, steaming Americano – one of my favourite pleasures in life is the moment the milk erupts from the dark recesses of the cup, rippling and marbling the black, liquorice, velvet coffee as it rises.

We have to take our pleasures where we can in this life…. or perhaps I should just get out more!