Tom Voyce Collaboration


I have recently spent a day in the studio collaborating with friend and fellow painter Tom Voyce. We spent the day discussing and exploring new ideas and potential future projects… Watch this space for more details!

Tom Voyce is a painter based in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire having completed his BA and Masters at Aberystwyth University in Wales. The primary concern to his work is the medium of paint and the formal concerns it entails, however he explores these concerns through the themes of landscape and place. His structural paintings provide snapshots of moments within a landscape and offer a sense of place through their depiction. His work is heavily influenced by the American painter Richard Diebenkorn, and Toms work like Diebenkorn’s, carefully treads a tightrope between elements of figuration and abstraction.

The pieces were in response to a range of themes including structure, composition, form and landscape and combined a range of techniques and process from each of our own practices. They were undertaken through a process of collaborative improvisation where the actions of each practitioner are carefully observed and considered along with the development of the piece as it grows and evolve.

See my post Tom Voyce for a piece I have written in response to Toms work, or see his website for more information.

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