A New Years to-do list


A few notes for a productive, creative and fulfilling 2018. Some denote activities to be built into an everyday routine, others refer to more pressing tasks for the coming weeks. I will add to this list as and when more notes and observations come to mind…

  1. Scope out potential conferences: both to submit abstracts for, and to attend.
    Build in a few hours every couple of months to research any suitable / relevant conferences coming up over the year.
  2. Reference management tools: (Should have done this long ago!) Research and choose one – spend time becoming disciplined using it.
    (My life sucks without being organised in this sense at the mo…)
  3. Now my research project seems to have taken on a greater clarity in its sense of direction – Start a bullet list for the thesis: Fill in the gaps as I go. Don’t attempt to write at once!

    3.a) Write an abstract for the thesis. I now have greater direction as to the projects trajectory – write an abstract, it will guide my research and help keep me focussed. I can always go back and adapt / re-write it if my direction adjusts again.


  4. Read similar papers and thesis. Spend an afternoon next time I am in the university library swatting up on past art PhD thesis.
  5. Try and write something every day. Build into my routine writing something (with the view to it as a contribution to the thesis) everyday. Even if it just just for 20 mins and it’s crap! – sometimes I may be in the right frame of mind and it may take me somewhere and develop into the basis of a chapter.

    5.a) Develop a weekly routine: Monday – Wednesday in the studio (practical). Thursday, Friday in the office (Theory). Stick to it!

  6. Search for grants and submit proposals – Every little helps, (to quote a leading UK supermarket!) even if it’s just a small contribution to travel expenses. Build it into a routine. When I have a good one-liner or winning formula create a template for future applications.
  7. Write a to-do list at the begging of every morning – stick to it!
  8. Manage my supervisor! (other phd candidates know what I mean 😉 …)


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