The Landscape Scrambler


I have recently returned from China on my latest visit, where, amongst other things I completed another project with longtime collaborator the Three Legged Bird (a collaborative platform for experimental animation and film making) I have worked with the Three Legged Bird on a number of projects now, the most recent entitled ‘The Landscape Scrambler’. The Landscape Scrambler is an abstract animation film undertaken through the discourse of improvisation: a creative act that exists in the moment, in the instincts and intuitions of the individual, and as Derek Bailey writes, is always changing, adjusting and never fixed(1). The piece was undertaken through the medium of Painting and Music, and featured Frederico Penteado, a visual artist and animator, Karoline Leblanc, a musician and composer, and myself.

The project sees visuals and music act as mutually interpretive directions for the collaborators, and through their reciprocal response to each other’s activities, the participants generated a creative ‘dialogue’ between themselves and the painting itself as it grew and evolved: resulting in a generative painting and eventual animation film.

Please click on the link below to see a short trailer for The Landscape Scrambler, and to find out more about the project.

The Landscape Scrambler

Please check out the following links for further information about the Three Legged Bird and our collaborations, and to donate to the Landscape Scrambler project on our Patreon page. Rewards available!

About the Three Legged Bird

Three Legged Bird collaborations

(1)Derek Bailey, Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music. 1992


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