M50 Collaboration: Joan Miro v Andy Warhol


On my first visit to M50: Shanghai’s contemporary Art district, I spotted an intriguing developing collaboration. Moganshan Road, the main approach to M50 is home to a constantly evolving graffiti wall. The wall consists of layers upon layers of graffiti work that have built up over the years, sometimes with the work of completely obliterating the work on underlying layers, and sometimes consisting of integrated layers – resulting in intriguing collaborations.

On my first visit to M50 an area of the wall that immediately caught my eye was an evolving collaboration incorporating many different layers of the wall. The resulting image consisted of a Warhol-esque Campbell’s Soup Can stencil, juxtaposed with Joan Miro-esque red and blue expressive marks. The piece sits on a cyan semi transparent background much like Miro’s 1961 ‘Bleu II’. An unlikely collaboration during either artists lifetime, the piece works surprisingly well possessing a balance and harmony of Pop Art and Surrealist Abstraction.


Joan Miro, Andy Warhol collaboration. M50 Shanghai

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