My ‘cut-up’ :2 – Austrey Rangers spider crawl

One fine sunny morning, Before Breakfast a white elephant, A little girl, a new lamb and a little runty pig entered into the first round of the the Austrey Rangers spider crawl.

After a goalless first half, the world of injustice wobbled, as a four-goal haul from Gladders and a nose bleed set the Polesworth Royal Oak to distribute pigs to early risers stood watching. ‘This is the most terrible case of injustice, it’s unfair,’ shouted Tom Brown via email

“coffee, bacon, damp plaster, and wood smoke from the burger van, The Burger van queue, was queer’, ‘can those in a position opening the Sir Robert Peel reverse using continual cuts in raising a litter of pigs’,

in Division One, an inspired Royal Oak Kings- winner for Heaton turned Sunday League Tamworth residents from crying. They had a very warm breakfast, that smelt of supplements of sparrow with new lamb on nine eggs. The NHS hospital waved effective valuable points as ‘Springtime,’ hour carried water towards PREMIER Division title hope- Reserves AFC Bolehall and Two Gates.

in the run up to the Bromsgrove Hospital, and Dis-

trict Football League, Army Veterinary Corp one Mad Dog didn’t hit top gear, as the wind blew John Arable’s face he planted his back flipThe mans forelegs trembled as a nose bleed rolled the towel to the woods. He then hobbled off having injured himself as a substitute, .A thrilling end-to-end game that promised an all-singing light scratching through its strengthened, old web.imageimageimage

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