Tom Marioni

bill ma

Tom Marioni is a conceptual artist who has produced a  series of drawings which ‘privilage actions over objects’. one of his most famous pieces, ‘One second sculpture’ 1969 is a piece where he released a coiled measuring tape into the air, allowing it to unravel and fall to the ground, producing an action, a sound work and a drawing through a simple operation that incorporated space and time. He devised conditions that maintain a non hierarchical relationship between objects and the actions required for the making of them, defining both the process, and it’s result as artwork.

Action drawings such as ‘Drumbrush drawing’ is an ongoing series of process drawings. Marioni spent two hours ‘drumming’ on sandpaper, resulting in an abstracted image. ‘Out of body Free-hand-circle’  also enlists productive limitations, in this case the length of an arm and the diameter of the circle that he is able to produce by engaging its full range of motion.


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