Live Art: dialogues 2


I have recently taken part in a second ‘Dialogues’ workshop, from the series Live Art. Dialogues 2 was a continuation and a development of themes discovered in the initial workshop, responding to several visual and aural observations.

The sound produced  by the friction of a pencil across a support is an overlooked (underheard) bi-product of the act of drawing, a sonic trace that is ephemeral and undetermined. An aim of the second workshop was to concentrate on, and bring focus to the sound of drawing, and drawing with sound, and to give it permanence through audio recording and documentation.

The sound of drawings made by one practitioner was captured using microphone pencils (‘pencrophones’) and by drawing upon an ‘electro-acoustic drawing board’ which passed through a number of digital and analogue sound filters, manipulated by an other practitioner, who could mutate, loop and sustain the source, therefore to make audio drawings. Another observation of the workshop was to examine the sound of drawing as possessing a pitch melody that can be mapped onto a musical scale.

For more information please visit the following link:

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